Pacific Dance New Zealand (PDNZ) was formed in 2010 and is located at 147 Great North Road, Grey Lynn in Auckland. It is a development organisation delivering a wide range of services for the Pacific dance sector of New Zealand. The organisation is governed by the Pacific Islands Dance Fono Trust.

Taualeo’o Stephen Stehlin


Stephen has extensive experience in the NZ Television Industry. He is the Executive Producer of Tagata Pasifika and is Chairperson of the Pacific Islands Dance Fono Trust, and member of both the AUT Council and the Pacific Islands Advisory Board to ProCare.

Junior Lolohea


Junior Lolohea is our trust treasurer, linking in nicely with WE Consulting, a visionary Pacific accounting consultancy advising Pacific Dance.

With a family background from Uvea and Tonga, Lolohea describes himself as a “competitive rugby player and a dedicated food enthusiast.”

He brings up-to-date skills in financial administration with a Bachelors in Business, majoring in Accounting at Auckland University of Technology and also currently en route to gaining his Certified Practitioner Accounting (CPA) certification.

Tania Kopytko

Board Member

Dr Tania Kopytko is based in Palmerston North and works freelance in dance and arts, developing community projects and collaborations as well as lecturing and writing on dance. She has a PhD in Dance Anthropology from the Queen’s University of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her key interest is the role and significance of dance in our communities and societies. Tania was the Executive Director of DANZ (the national service org. for the NZ dance industry) from 2004-2015. Before that she worked in dance and arts development internationally and in New Zealand. She was involved in setting up Pacific Dance New Zealand has been a Board Director since its formation.

Ioane Aleke

Board member

A journalist at the nationwide Pacific Media Network, Ioane Fa’avae-Aleke brings media smarts and many other skills to trustee leadership at Pacific Islands Dance Fono Trust.

Gifted translator for his homeland Niue communities, his part-Tongan background also includes work as a choreographer, composer, educator, author, researcher, and actor.

Faavae-Aleke has served on different organisations as an advisor and board member ranging from education, arts, language & culture, media and health.

Eseta Le’au

Board Member

In her day job at the Pacific Business Trust Eseta manages programmes that explore economic development as a tool, empowering our communities to become global leaders in enterprise. New to the Pacific Islands Dance Fono aiga, she is excited to help create commercial realities for creative artists in Aotearoa where possible. She is a graduate of the University of Auckland with a commerce and law degree.

Annah Pickering

Board Member

Annah Pickering has been involved with not for profit community organisation NewZealand Prostitutes Collective for 20 years, served on different advisory roles within government organisations, not for profit sector, a member of Auckland Rough SleepersInitiative, NZ Coalition to End Homelessness, a member of Global Network of Sex WorkProjects, Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers working group representative of NZPC inan advisory group with WHO (World Health Organisation), UNFPA, UNDHP UNAIDS advocating for human rights of sex workers. Annah has experience on community development, programme development, expert on NZ Model‘Decriminalisation of Sex Work’, research, policy and social justice activism. She alsoserved as a member on the Pacific Advisory Group (PAG) for Tāmaki Paenga HiraAuckland War Memorial Museum, of which she is also part of the Working Committeecontributing to the gallery renewal projects relating to our Moana Oceania ‘Pacific’communities and stories.

Juliana Satchell-Deo

Board Member

She is currently the Associate Curator (Pacific) at Auckland Museum.

“Growing up in many places — from Papua New Guinea to Australia and Fiji — JulianaSatchell-Deo finds ways to reconnect back to her culture through her role as associatecurator of Pacific at Auckland War Memorial Museum. She works to bring the museum’sPacific collection to life through exhibitions and access to archived objects for Pacific Island communities, researchers, professionals and students.

“Living so far away from my birthplace, I’ve always felt that sense of belonging to myindigenous culture,” says Juliana.

Source: auckland-museum-curator-juliana-satchell-deo/

“I moved to Aotearoa in the early 2000s with my husband and children from Fiji. I wasborn in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. My mother is also from Papua New Guinea but is of Torres Strait Island and Solomon Islands descent. Her father moved from Malaita(Solomon Islands) to Papua New Guinea; he was part of the first constabulary there. My mother is very proud of her Solomon Islands heritage. My father was an Australian ofScottish-Irish descent and was born in Papua New Guinea, which was still governed byAustralia at the time. His father’s plane crashed in Kokoda and he was taken care of bythe native people there. He fell in love with Papua New Guinea and later returned therefrom Australia.”

“Before coming to New Zealand, I spent my high-school years in Townsville, Australia,and then moved to Fiji, where I met my husband. He is of Chinese- Fijian descent, and was the last of his siblings still living in Fiji – the others had already moved to New Zealand. We moved here for the opportunities, and the security we could have. I studied for my master’s degree in art and design at AUT. I now live in Massey, and don’t think I could see myself moving to any other area of Auckland.”

Source: Pg, 22.

Reverend Neli Alo

Board Member

Reverend Neli Alo was born and raised in West Auckland. A graduate of University of Auckland, he also lived in Samoa where he graduated from Malua Theological College. Neli is a strong advocate for Pacific Health and is currently employed by Vaka Tautua, a national “by Pacific for Pacific” health and social service provider. Having served as a Youth Worker for many years, he is a National ambassador for the A-OK Suicide Prevention Programme. He enjoys supporting his three children while also serving as a co-founder of Legacy – a company that uses performing arts as a mechanism to raise mental health and suicide prevention awareness.


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