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Digital Dance: The Transform Series

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Pacific Dance New Zealand presents The Transform Series – stories from Pacific Dance Creatives through Digital Platforms

Pacific Dance New Zealand (PDNZ) are excited to announce an expansion to their ground-breaking
digital initiative The Transform Series, with a diverse offering from Aotearoa-based dance
and costume creatives. Each of the artists have created pre-recorded episodes that explores how
their creative practice is informed by their unique Pacific heritage. Included in this offering are 2 full
feature films: MĀUI by Fresh Movement and ‘Shel We?’ by Tupua Tigafua and Friends which are
available on our subscription channel. All the other episodes will be available for free-to-view on the
Pacific Dance New Zealand channel.

The development of our digital initiative is testament to our commitment to our maintain and grow
our audience engagement and continue to provide content innovatively. The episodes will allow
our people right across the country and around the globe a chance to connect with Pacific culture in
a safe and inclusive way via our digital platforms.

Our featured artists each hail from a different island in the Pacific region, the curated content is inspirational and
personalised, with the creatives celebrating their own cultural identity and the traditions of Pacific
dance forms here in Aotearoa. The artists, dancers, and choreographers are masters in their specific
fields of Pacific dance, and will share their knowledge and expertise, with some artists offering
workshops or classes, while others have created interactive history lessons and performances that
tell origin stories.

The first iteration of the Transform series in 2020 was created in response to how performing artists
were impacted by New Zealand’s initial lockdown. Iosefa Enari, director of Pacific Dance NZ, has
been impressed by how the artists have continued to grow their practice over the last year, in both
live and digital spaces: “In an increasingly busy world, it is so important to hold tight to our heritage
and culture. Being able to share these stories and talented artists with more people around the
country, and beyond into a digital space, is part of our commitment to removing barriers to enriching
and authentic Pacific art.”

Click on Tiles to Watch our Transform Series episodes on our dedicated channel for free.