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April 2024

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"Weredingo: A captivating fusion of dance-theatre and storytelling, exploring the plight of shapeshifters in a secret world. Join the support group, wear your animal, and embrace the duality!" WEREDINGO Join us at the Pacific Dance NZ Festival in June 2024 for an extraordinary experience unlike any other! Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of WEREDINGO, a groundbreaking show that extends our Pacific Dance heritage to embrace First Nations Australia. WEREDINGO invites you into a fictional realm where shapeshifters are hunted for their duality, forced to meet in secrecy to safely embrace their animal forms and gather with their feathered or

TOLU A collaboration between NZTrio and Pacific Dance NZ TOLU (meaning three) is a work that weaves western music with the songs and dances of the Pacific. In the past century, the Pacific diaspora have settled throughout the globe and many now call Aotearoa home. As with many immigrants, the Pacific people have brought their traditions, culture and arts to their new home and through the maintenance of these practices, have retained their cultural uniqueness while contributing to the shifting arts landscape of Aotearoa. TOLU is directed by Iosefa Enari MNZM. Enari has worked closely with NZTrio and and Pacific music director Aiono