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Pacific Dance NZ Festival Season

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"Weredingo: A captivating fusion of dance-theatre and storytelling, exploring the plight of shapeshifters in a secret world. Join the support group, wear your animal, and embrace the duality!" WEREDINGO Join us at the Pacific Dance NZ Festival in June 2024 for an extraordinary experience unlike any other! Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of WEREDINGO, a groundbreaking show that extends our Pacific Dance heritage to embrace First Nations Australia. WEREDINGO invites you into a fictional realm where shapeshifters are hunted for their duality, forced to meet in secrecy to safely embrace their animal forms and gather with their feathered or

The rhythm of the Pacific is set to intertwine with the harmonies of classical music as Pacific Dance NZ announces an exciting collaboration with NZTrio for the upcoming 2024 Pacific Dance Festival. This bold fusion promises to reshape the festival landscape, offering a unique and dynamic experience that transcends traditional boundaries. Prepare to be captivated as we delve into the vibrant heart of Pacific culture and the enchanting world of classical music. Known for its commitment to showcasing the talents of Pasifika artists, the Pacific Dance Festival has become an annual celebration of diversity, innovation, and cultural richness. As we gear

Are you a Pacific artist with a burning desire to showcase your talent on a grand stage? Look no further! Pacific Dance NZ is thrilled to announce the open call for expressions of interest for the highly anticipated 2024 Pacific Dance NZ Festival. Whether you're a dancer, choreographer, filmmaker, or any other form of creative expressionist, this is your chance to shine and share your unique Pacific heritage with a captivated audience. Join us as we celebrate the richness and diversity of Pacific dance and culture. Get ready to leave an indelible mark at the most vibrant dance festival in

Celebrating Exceptional Talent: Pacific Dance Festival Announces Inaugural Director's Choice Awards The Pacific Dance Festival, a renowned platform for showcasing Pacific dance in Aotearoa, announces its inaugural Director's Choice Awards recipient. This esteemed accolade aims to honour exceptional achievements and contributions to the Pacific dance community. The highly talented John "Happy Feet" Vaifale has been recognised as this year's recipient, highlighting his captivating performances and artistic vision that have captivated audiences worldwide. A Rising Star: John Vaifale a.k.a Happy Feet John 'Happy Feet' Vaifale has proven himself to be an extraordinary talent, captivating the hearts and attention of audiences with his exceptional dance

In the world of fashion, unexpected pairings often result in the most captivating creations. Beau Louis Takapu, known for his unique and boundary-pushing designs, has joined forces with the Feohianga Alonga 'ia Kalaisi Trust, a group deeply rooted in Tongan heritage and the practice of Faikava. This collaboration not only pushes the boundaries of fashion but also celebrates the diverse cultural tapestry that weaves our society together.

The Auckland Art Gallery is set to screen a captivating film that breathes new life into the remarkable story of the Virgin Taupou Grave in Saleaula Savaii, Samoa. "AFI LOA," directed by the exceptionally talented Charlene Tedrow, takes us on a mesmerizing journey that explores the power of lava and its parallel existence within the tama’ita’i, the women of the Pacific. Through this awe-inspiring performance, the film pays homage to the rise of women in the realm of siva afi, the fire dance, and celebrates their strength and resilience. Join us as we delve into the magic of "AFI LOA"

"Experience the Magic of Pacific Couture and Dance: 'ENUA' Takes Center Stage at Pacific Dance NZ Festival 2023" The Pacific Dance NZ Festival 2023 just got even better with the addition of 'ENUA', a Pacific Couture fashion and dance show by the talented Viv Hosking-Aue, AUĒ dance company, and the House of Va. 'ENUA', previously known as 'Territory', was created and choreographed by Hosking-Aue in 2014, and now, 10 years later, it's back to life! https://www.youtube.com/shorts/WJYf9_VW7zY In this inspiring and thought-provoking performance, Hosking-Aue explores how we interact with people from different social-cultural backgrounds. He asks the question, "What if South Auckland was Ponsonby

The Pacific Dance NZ Festival season in Auckland this June is set to be an extraordinary event that brings together diverse dance workshops, highlighting the intersection of traditional indigenous practices with contemporary movement styles. Among the featured workshops, KARUL Projects from Australia, the Samoan Performing Arts Centre of Excellence (S.P.A.C.E) from Apia, Samoa, and Aunty Kura's URA dance workshop promise to offer unique and inspiring experiences for dance enthusiasts, students, artists, and choreographers alike. Image Courtesy of KARUL Projects. Thomas E.S. Kelly KARUL Projects: Exploring the Fusion of Indigenous Dance and Contemporary Movement Led by Thomas E.S. Kelly, a celebrated artist, and

Pacific Dance NZ Festival Showcases MOANA 23: A Night of Spectacular Dance Performances The highly anticipated Pacific Dance NZ Festival is proud to present MOANA ‘23, an extraordinary showcase featuring an exceptional lineup of talented artists and the esteemed Choreographic Lab Cohort for 2023. This one-night-only event will take place in the Rangatira at Q Theatre, captivating audiences with its dynamic fusion of culture, innovation, and artistic expression. The MOANA 23 showcase will transport the audience on a journey through diverse styles and narratives, celebrating the vibrant dance traditions of the Pacific. From contemporary movements to traditional choreography, the performances promise to

Twilight Tuesdays at the Auckland War Memorial Museum is about to get 'mafana' under the kava bowl in the Te Ao Mārama South Atrium with a Tongan haute couture showcase on June 13th. The 2023 Pacific Dance NZ Festival has again added a fashion show to its line-up with United States born, San Francisco raised and educated Tongan designer Beau Louis Takapu. Beau Takapu has made New Zealand home and has worked for WORLD brand before he became a contestant on Project Runway New Zealand.  This show debuted on NZ television screens in late 2018 as an adaption of the American

"KO AU" Disconnected by Auckland based Hip Hop and Street Dance collective Projekt Team is set to hit the big stage at Auckland's Kiri Te Kanawa Theatre as part of the 2023 Pacific Dance Festival. We are currently offering a free Secondary School's Matinee show (11am). This one-off performance is locked & loaded for Thursday 4th of May.  If you are interested in booking tickets for your school to attend, please book through with your school name & how many student / staff tickets you require. Tickets are free, but seats are filling quite fast so get in quick! Email : info@pacificdance.co.nz SHOW DETAILS: Pacific Dance Festival 2023 and Auckland Live present: Ko Au - Disconnected  by Projekt

Dance OnScreen FREE Event Sunday 11th June 2023, 2pm - 4pm AUCKLAND ART GALLERY TOI O TĀMAKI We are inviting you to venture into Auckland City during our festival to participate in our FREE workshops, open air-rehearsals and the popular 'Dance OnScreen'. Tataki Auckland Unlimited and the Auckland Art Gallery have enjoyed a long partnership and they will host our open-air rehearsals with Viv Auē and Lominia Meteri-Araitia on Saturday 27th May, 3rd & 10th June at 1130am on the mezzanine. On Sunday 11th June 2023 from 2 pm, our Dance OnScreen will be in the auditorium on the lower level of the